Business Personal Property Tax Return Software provides popular time savings during tax season.


Since 1992, the premier Georgia Sales & Use Tax software for accounting & bookkeeping firms and retail chains.


Georgia Sales & Use Tax return software for individual retail businesses, dealers, and contractors with only one Sales Tax Number (STN).


Preparing and filing state and local taxes can be one of the most onerous tasks that a business faces.

But it doesn’t have to be!

We have tools to make the job easier — tools that will help you master your Georgia Sales Tax and Georgia Business Personal Property Tax.

We offer several different programs, depending on your needs.

  • S-TaxProperty
    Makes the preparation of Georgia property taxes more efficient
  • S-TaxPro
    Mainly used by professional accountants and bookkeepers for multiple internal or external clients
  • S-TaxPlus
    Perfect for individual businesses with only one Sales Tax Number (STN)

Take a look at the additional information on each version of S-Tax Georgia and then try a trial version of the product that suits your needs or contact us for more information.