Business Personal Property Tax Return Software provides popular time savings during tax season.


Since 1992, the premier Georgia Sales & Use Tax software for accounting & bookkeeping firms and retail chains.


Georgia Sales & Use Tax return software for individual retail businesses, dealers, and contractors with only one Sales Tax Number (STN).

Updates vs. New Installations

We get quite a few tech support calls relating to our users getting new computers and moving the software to the new PCs.
We frequently encounter the issue of attempting to run an S-Tax Update on a new computer that has not had the S-Tax software installed – that simply will not work as the update does not contain all of the necessary components to run the software (except on the CD versions).

Additionally, we get a lot of calls about the updates unable to run on new computers – that is almost always caused by the initial installation process being not fully completed. If you want to install the software on a new computer and run the updates to get the most current version, please remember that you MUST run the software after the initial installation BEFORE attempting to apply the updates. The initial installation process creates your profile information and establishes the directories and folders that are required by all of the updates. Simply put, without these profiles and folders established, the update will not know where to install itself and will fail.

If you are planning to get new computers and move your S-Tax software, please give us a call and we can help make the process go well for you.

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