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Networking S-Tax

We receive many inquiries about loading and running the S-Tax software on networks. The software comes ready to be installed on a network and approximately a third of our users are running it on their networks with no problems. There is no special network version – it’s networkable just as delivered.

However, there are no “one size fits all” answers as to the best way to accomplish the network installation. Most of the decisions about the best way to do this depend entirely upon your network configuration and the level of technical support that you have available. Most users keep the program files loaded on their workstations (the local hard drive of each computer) and simply move the database files to a shared drive. A few prefer to put the entire system on the network drive. There are pros and cons to each configuration.

A word of caution is in order for those who prefer to install the program files on their server – updates can be tricky! We generally do not recommend running the program from the server unless you have a full-time network tech in your office as support can be difficult if the user is not highly skilled in this area. In order for the updates to run, the update program has to be able to find the file that tells it where the program and the data are located. That file is kept in the same folder as the program files and our installations expect to find that folder as “C:\s_taxgaw\”. We are working on new versions of the updates and installation programs to accommodate some of these types of installations that we had not anticipated.

It has never been our intention to prevent our users from setting up the systems the way they prefer but there is a huge variety of network configurations and we simply do not have the ability to test in all possible combinations. Even your local technicians will tell you that it is a “no win” situation to attempt to resolve all network issues over the phone. We’ll always do our best to help you but we are not trained network specialists – we don’t even work on our own networks.

Rather than attempt to write a large volume that attempts to address each situation, we strongly recommend that you call or email us and let us discuss it and make some recommendations and offer some personalized assistance.

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