Business Personal Property Tax Return Software provides popular time savings during tax season.


Since 1992, the premier Georgia Sales & Use Tax software for accounting & bookkeeping firms and retail chains.


Georgia Sales & Use Tax return software for individual retail businesses, dealers, and contractors with only one Sales Tax Number (STN).

Electronic filing – you don’t have to type into the GTC!

We have spent a considerable amount of time and money to become fully certified by the DOR as an Approved Software Vendor for e-file and e-pay for sales tax.

This means that you can take the returns that you create in S-Tax software and upload them directly to the GTC system, which is a huge time-saver over the GTC system – particularly for complex sales tax returns! If you haven’t already tried this upload feature, I encourage you to try it now.

We have created a simple explanation of the set up and the steps you will use, available to you at:

The GTC website has a training video that shows how simple this process is – you can view it here

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