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Internet Explorer taking over your GTC Website button?

It has come to our attention that some users are starting to see Microsoft Internet Explorer pop up when they click the “GTC Website” button during their file upload processes even though they use a different browser – FireFox or Chrome.

Indeed, we have had this happen in our own offices and we NEVER use Internet Explorer! After much research, we have determined the cause (though we still aren’t sure which other program made this change without our permission).

In the Windows Registry – something had changed this entry (nobody seems to know which programs are responsible for this unwanted change):


That’s what the button in S-Tax uses to get the default browser.

The entry had been written to have the value of “IExplorer” – delete the value in the Registry entry (made it blank or null), all should be well again. (NOTE: We don’t advise deleting the Registry Key – only the value stored there.)

Unfortunately, editing the Windows Registry is not recommended for the average user. We recommend having someone with considerable technical expertise assist you with this process though it takes only a few minutes. We will be happy to work with your technical personnel to correct this if needed.

We do not plan to write any programs to make this change as most programs that change the Windows Registry (rightfully) trigger many alarms from your security systems. Please be assured that we did not create this problem as we have always strongly advised using a different web browser rather than Microsoft Internet Explorer!

Please contact us if you need more information or assistance.

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