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Addresses for Georgia County Board of Tax Assessors Offices & Freeport Tax Information

County Tax Assessors aren’t on the Postal Service’s Frequent Movers List, but they do occasionally change addresses.  Each year, for your convenience, we assemble a list that contains the most current addresses of County Tax Assessor’s Offices that we can determine.  While we make our best effort, we can’t guarantee the accuracy of the information, and the responsibility for using the correct addresses ultimately rests with the Tax Preparer.

This list also includes Freeport Tax information for each county.  As with the addresses, this is the most current information that we have been able to collect, but it is still your responsibility to use the correct Freeport Tax rates.  These tax rates will be automatically updated on your system when you install the S-Tax software, but you can also change them manually from the County File Maintenance menu choice on the Main Menu

You can compare your addresses and Freeport Tax information to the ones that we have collected and use this list as a tool in maintaining the information on your system. There are three ways to update addresses for Tax Assessors Offices:

  • When you install your software (recommended).  You will be given an option to install the list during installation of your S-Tax software.  Be aware that the data will over-write the data on your system.
  • From the Utilities Menu.  You can install the list from the Utilities Menu whenever you want.  Installing by this method will also over-write the data on your system.
  • From the Acrobat or Excel files on our website. Use the information in these files to maintain the addresses on your system yourself, from the County File Maintenance menu choice on the Main Menu.

We will continue to update this list whenever we receive changes to the addresses or Freeport Tax information.  So you might want to check it regularly to see if there are any changes that affect you.  We welcome your feedback and any corrections that you have to our data.

Adobe Acrobat Format (will open in a new window)

AddressesForGeorgia CountyBoardOfTaxAssessorsOffices_02-19-2013.pdf

Microsoft Excel Format (open in Excel or Save File)

AddressesForGeorgia CountyBoardOfTaxAssessorsOffices_02-19-2013.xls

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