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Sales Tax Reporting for Auto Dealers

We get many questions regarding the requirements for reporting sales tax for auto dealers. The following is our best information and we post it here with the caveat that we have no definitive or clear explanations from the Georgia Department of Revenue. Therefore, should you have further questions or need to verify this information, we strongly encourage you to contact the DOR.

From many knowledgeable sources working within the auto industry, we have been given this information to pass along for your sales tax reporting:
1) create the sales tax returns using the gross sales figures that include the total for all the vehicle sales.
2) enter the same amount under the exemptions screen (most use the “Other deductions authorized by law” option)
3) the net is zero; the sales tax is zero
4) you may enter these all into the one county in which the dealer resides
5) you should use the option in S-TaxPro to file without payment (when the remittance due is zero)

Note that there may still be sales tax reported on the same return for other taxable and non-taxable items that are not motor vehicles such as accessories, parts, labor, etc.

We will post additional information as we receive it.

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