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Antivirus software causing problems?

It is our strongest recommendation that you add both the S-Tax program folder and your S-Tax data folders to the list of trusted products in your antivirus products before any processing.

While the basic processing methods in S-Tax software have not changed in more than 10 years, antivirus software has evolved quite a bit.   However, the competitive industry of antivirus and other security software has become increasingly more aggressive in trying to protect your computer systems from “the bad guys”.    The logic of many of the new antivirus systems has resulted in a very large number of “false positives” as they attempt to block any activity they may deem as suspect.

Smaller software vendors, such as S-Tax, have reported increasing levels of difficulties with this new highly aggressive nature that many popular antivirus companies now employ.  It is unfortunate that almost none of the major security software vendors recognize the difference between our legitimate processes and those that they deem risky. Equally unfortunate is that most of the antivirus packages  simply “kill” some of our processes and essential files during the processing without warning as you are using the program.

There are methods and features in the professional-level security systems that allow you to declare certain of your software products to be safe and you can list those in your antivirus systems (sometimes referred to as “exceptions” or “white list”) so that they do not interfere with your operations.   We are happy to assist where possible but we simply do not know all the features of every antivirus product on the market and so we might not be able to instruct you as to the procedures.

A new systems architecture that will mitigate some of these problems is currently under development. Nothing in our program warrants these interruptions but, our commitment is to provide you with the best experience possible while we adapt to changes in our environment.

We understand the necessity of using strong security as part of your operation and we applaud your efforts to protect your confidential data.   We guarantee that we ship all our products completely free of viruses, malware, adware, and any other undesirable programming.

Please contact your technical support staff and share this message with them.


UPDATED 12-15-14:   We have found that some versions of Norton and Kaspersky antivirus programs are preventing S-Tax from operating properly and/or blocking installations.   We can help you work around these problems but we cannot force these other companies to correct their software.   Versions of Norton are frequently shipped on new computers but we cannot recommend their use.   We will be happy to discuss better alternatives with you.


Originally posted on 12-2-14

Security and mischief threats are on the rise! In general, our users are doing a very good job of installing protections against these threats with antivirus and firewall software. While we applaud the security software industry for their diligence against these increased threats, there are some publishers that have become so aggressive that there has been a marked rise in “false positives”. That means that some anti-virus software has started to identify legitimate software from smaller publishers (like S-Tax Georgia) as “threats”.

Since there are hundreds of these different security software companies out there for you to choose from, we can’t provide “step-by-step” instructions for each. With most, you can identify which software is “trusted” and prevent your antivirus software from falsely identifying legitimate programs as threats and that is something that you will have to learn to do if you begin having problems.

If you would like to have our advice or recommendations, please contact us. We are not experts in the field of computer security but we do have experiences we would be happy to share.

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