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Georgia Sales & Use Tax return software for individual retail businesses, dealers, and contractors with only one Sales Tax Number (STN).

Font and Help Installation Utility – Network workstations

The GA DOR requires certain fonts be used in order for our forms to be certified.

Network and server software installations please take note: If you install the S-Tax software onto your server and have your workstations launching the software from a “shared” copy then, your workstations may not have the fonts installed on them. The fonts are installed onto the workstation from which you run your updates only since the update program can only register the fonts into the copy of Windows running on that workstation.

Help File System files are also included in this program.   The new requirement for Windows makes it necessary to install the Help File system files on each workstation.   The S-Tax Utility program will perform those necessary updates as well.   You should use only the HTML Help from S-Tax.

We have created a utility program that will correctly install the necessary fonts on all versions of Windows. This program is included with the installation and update programs – it is in your same folder as the S-Tax programs. You may run this utility as needed as it only installs fonts – nothing else.

If you prefer, you may download it at:

Save it to your desktop and run it.

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