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Status of software updates: March and 2nd Quarter

GTC Status

The GTC is working on the changes to their system that are necessary to work with the new City of Atlanta tax changes for March and the remainder of the year.

From the GTC website:

ATTENTION: Department of Revenue is requesting that you do NOT file your March Sales Tax return (Monthly or Quarterly) until Monday, April 10th.


S-Tax software update status

We will send out a special update to the S-Tax sales tax software as soon as we are satisfied that it will work perfectly with the GTC system.

We will also send out the normal 2nd quarter software update around the end of April.


Tax Rate Changes

Starting March 1, 2017:

  1. Total sales tax rate inside the City of Atlanta changed from 8% to 8.5%

Starting April 1, 2017:

  1. Total tax rate inside the City of Atlanta will rise to 8.9%
  2. Total Fulton County sales tax rate outside the City of Atlanta will change from 7% to 7.75%
  3. Douglas County rate = 7%
  4. Glynn County rate = 7%
  5. Liberty County = 7%
  6. Pulaski County = 7%

The list of 2nd quarter rate changes can be seen at:


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