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Status of the Special S-Tax Release for March Sales Tax Filings

The City of Atlanta has changed their sales tax rates to 1.5% effective March 1, 2017. (See this bulletin for further details.)

To accommodate this new rate, the GTC has made extensive changes to the ST-3 forms and to the format of the XML files for filing returns electronically (File Upload and File Import).

We have updated our S-Tax software to incorporate these changes and will release the update as soon as we can test it on the new GTC system to ensure that the electronic filing works perfectly.

The GTC has informed us that these changes are scheduled to “Go Live” on April 6th and we expect to release our update shortly after.

These changes are state-wide, so you MUST install the update for our Sales Tax software prior to preparing any March returns — even if you don’t file City of Atlanta sales tax!

So, despite the inconvenience, we urge you to delay preparing any March sales tax returns until you receive and install the new version of our S-Tax Sales Tax software.

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