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4th Quarter S-TaxPro — some important news

We are pleased to announce our new version of S-TaxPro featuring a new, simplified, streamlined data entry process!

Unfortunately, some personal issues have slowed and delayed the final preparation of the user documentation and the new Help system to support our newest features. The new update will be released, Thursday, November 2nd.   We sincerely apologize for the delay, and thank you for your patience.   We pride ourselves in our near-perfect record of being early or, at least, exactly on time with our software updates but, there are times when family and personal issues must have the higher priority.

Soon after the release, extensive documentation of the features (and limitations) of our newest update will be forthcoming but, here are a few highlights that we would like to share:

  1. The new software design accommodates the changes to Atlanta and Fulton County as allowed by state law. Bulk filers who need to file Atlanta and/or Fulton returns will now be able to do so.
  2. The new design will at first appear very different, however, upon close examination,  you will see that all of the small data-entry screens that would pop-up have been consolidated and placed on a single window!  The steps are the same but with fewer clicks.
  3. Editing returns is now both reliable and easy! You edit a return exactly like you entered it.
  4. New ‘Help” screens will be provided and released later this month.
  5. The “old S-Tax” is still there but we strongly encourage you to use the new version due to its simplicity and reliability, especially for Fulton County and City of Atlanta filers.  Directly under the menu choice, “Enter, Edit, Print Returns”, you will find a new choice to take you to the “Old S-TaxPro”.
  6. Bulk Filers must use the new system as Bulk Filing no longer works with the old version.
  7. The new version of S-TaxPro will support ONLY pre-paid motor fuel.
    1. These taxes are paid by the distributor and considered exemptions in S-Tax. (This applies to virtually all motor fuel retailers such as gas stations and convenience stores.)
    2. Fuel distributors and wholesalers will no longer be supported.
  8. Additionally, the new version will no longer print ST-3 returns that are approved for filing with the DOR.   For the few clients who require them, this version will print the information on reports with a similar format so that you can easily transfer the data to paper ST-3 forms.

The majority of you do not “need” a new version but, we hope everyone will appreciate the changes as we work to offer you a better product.  We are grateful for the encouragement and faith you have expressed in our abilities to meet the challenges presented to us.   We will continue to make every effort to keep S-TaxPro easy and reliable for you!

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