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Important Changes to Georgia Sales & Use Tax Effective 2nd Quarter of 2018

We want to give you a heads-up on some changes that will take effect in the second quarter of this year.  These changes can be split into two areas:

  •  Rate changes.
  • Changes with the GTC’s reporting process.

Rate changes for 2nd Quarter, 2018

* Note: In the email that we sent out, we put the wrong rate for DeKalb County inside Atlanta.  The correct rate is 8.9%.

  1. Clarke County = 8%
  2. Colquitt County = 8%
  3. Decatur County = 8%
  4. DeKalb County (outside Atlanta) = 8%
  5. DeKalb County (inside Atlanta) = 8.9%
  6. Fulton County (outside Atlanta) = 7.75%
  7. Fulton County (inside Atlanta) = 8.9%
  8. Haralson County = 8%
  9. Putnam County = 8%
  10. Walker County = 8%
  11. Ware County = 8%

You can see the list of 2nd quarter rate changes at:


2018 ST-3 Sales & Use Tax Return Changes

TSPLOST Reporting

 Sales subject to TSPLOST taxes will no longer be reported separately.  Since S-TaxPro has been splitting out TSPLOST taxes for you, you might not notice any difference in the way you create returns, but you’ll see that there will no longer be a TSPLOST section on the ST-3 forms.

We’ve placed a sample of the new ST-3 form on our site for you to see at:


City of Atlanta Reporting

The way that sales inside the City of Atlanta are reported will change. There will no longer be a separate jurisdiction code for the City of Atlanta.  Instead, there will be new codes for Fulton County inside the City of Atlanta and DeKalb County inside the City of Atlanta.

You can find more details about these changes at:


We are currently making modifications to the S-TaxPro software to prepare for these changes, and expect to release the 2nd Quarter update on 4/30/2018.

Please visit our website for bulletins, announcements, and tips that you may find helpful.

Thank you for your business!

Al Davison
S-TaxGeorgia / Davison Professionals, Inc.
(706) 353-3745

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