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Subscribe or Renew Online!

Now it’s easier than ever to subscribe or renew your subscription to S-Tax. We’re happy to announce that you can now pay online with your credit card. It’s fast and convenient!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Online ordering takes place on a secure system so it is not connected to any outside databases, including our client database. The […]

Sales Tax Reporting for Auto Dealers

We get many questions regarding the requirements for reporting sales tax for auto dealers. The following is our best information and we post it here with the caveat that we have no definitive or clear explanations from the Georgia Department of Revenue. Therefore, should you have further questions or need to verify this information, we […]

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Products are NOT compatible with S-Tax

We have recently learned that the Kaspersky products have been deleting data from the S-Tax data sets. You cannot safely use any Kaspersky products with S-Tax at this time.

Please contact if you need further information regarding this issue.

Addresses for Georgia County Board of Tax Assessors Offices & Freeport Tax Information

County Tax Assessors aren’t on the Postal Service’s Frequent Movers List, but they do occasionally change addresses. Each year, for your convenience, we assemble a list that contains the most current addresses of County Tax Assessor’s Offices that we can determine. While we make our best effort, we can’t guarantee the accuracy of the information, […]

Internet Explorer taking over your GTC Website button?

It has come to our attention that some users are starting to see Microsoft Internet Explorer pop up when they click the “GTC Website” button during their file upload processes even though they use a different browser – FireFox or Chrome.

Indeed, we have had this happen in our own offices and we NEVER use […]

Electronic filing – you don’t have to type into the GTC!

We have spent a considerable amount of time and money to become fully certified by the DOR as an Approved Software Vendor for e-file and e-pay for sales tax.

This means that you can take the returns that you create in S-Tax software and upload them directly to the GTC system, which is a […]

HB256 – Prepaid Wireless

Link to HB256

UPDATED Message from GA DOR 12-21-2011 This e-mail is to notify you of a new fee of 75 cents per transaction on sales of prepaid wireless services effective January 1, 2012. If your business sells prepaid wireless services you are required to register for a Prepaid Wireless 911 Fee account. For additional […]

Networking S-Tax

We receive many inquiries about loading and running the S-Tax software on networks. The software comes ready to be installed on a network and approximately a third of our users are running it on their networks with no problems. There is no special network version – it’s networkable just as delivered.

However, there are no […]

Some tips if you have download problems

Some of our subscribers have trouble getting the downloads. Most of those issues seem to be related to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Here are a couple of suggestions and tips:

– use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer: Firefox is fast and easy to install, has better security […]

Are you getting our emails?

Some of you may have your email security set such that you don’t receive emails from the domain. Please check with your internet and/or email system providers to be certain that you can receive emails from any address that uses the “” suffix – we will never “spam”! We communicate only essential information to […]