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Changing the county for a Property tax return

If you have a client who has moved to another county but has most of the same assets, you can still use the features of S-TaxProperty to expedite the preparation of their return for their new county by copying the return from their old county. Here are the steps: Changing the county for a Property […]

4th Quarter S-TaxPro — some important news

We are pleased to announce our new version of S-TaxPro featuring a new, simplified, streamlined data entry process!

Unfortunately, some personal issues have slowed and delayed the final preparation of the user documentation and the new Help system to support our newest features. The new update will be released, Thursday, November 2nd. We sincerely apologize […]

City of Atlanta: What’s Inside and What’s Outside the City Limits

To calculate the correct amounts of sales, use, and TSPLOST taxes for Fulton County, Dekalb County, and the City of Atlanta, you need to know whether the relevant addresses are inside or outside the Atlanta City Limits. Here are two tools to help you make this determination.

Zip Codes

While some zip code zones are […]

Entering Sales Tax Data for the City of Atlanta & Fulton County — Changes

As you know, both the City of Atlanta and Fulton County have changed their sales tax rates so that they include fractional percentages. Also, the structure of the TSPLOST taxes in the City of Atlanta have impacted the way that Fulton County TSPLOST taxes are calculated.

To accommodate these changes, we have changed the way […]

“invalid child element” errors when uploading a return to GTC

Please be sure to download and install the special update to the S-Tax software before trying to file sales tax returns electronically for March 2017 or the 1st quarter of 2017.

See this bulletin for more information:


Two different errors are being encountered when uploading returns to GTC.

Line 2 The element ‘Return’ […]

New File Type Option for Filing 2017 Sales Tax on the GTC Site

The GTC has added a new option for you to use when filing your 2017 Sales Tax Returns. As shown in the image below, they have added the option:

17. XML ST3 File Upload 2017

If you try to use the 13. XML ST3 option that you’ve been using, you will receive […]

New Atlanta and Fulton County Local Sales Taxes

As per Georgia Department of Revenue Policy Bulletin SUT-2017-01 published on January 18, 2017.

We urge everyone to read the entire bulletin but, here are some excerpts:

“On November 8, 2016 the electorate of the City of Atlanta voted to levy the Atlanta MARTA Sales Tax at a rate of 0.5 percent beginning March […]

Font and Help Installation Utility – Network workstations

The GA DOR requires certain fonts be used in order for our forms to be certified.

Network and server software installations please take note: If you install the S-Tax software onto your server and have your workstations launching the software from a “shared” copy then, your workstations may not have the fonts installed on them. […]

Antivirus software causing problems?

It is our strongest recommendation that you add both the S-Tax program folder and your S-Tax data folders to the list of trusted products in your antivirus products before any processing.

While the basic processing methods in S-Tax software have not changed in more than 10 years, antivirus software has evolved quite a bit. However, […]

$50 Cash for Successful Referrals!

$50 Cash for Successful Referrals! Send us new business and we’ll send you a check!

The rules are quite simple: When you refer a new subscriber to S-Tax Georgia for any of our products, you will receive a check for $50 sent promptly after we receive their payment. This offer is good for an unlimited […]