Business Personal Property Tax Return Software provides popular time savings during tax season.


Since 1992, the premier Georgia Sales & Use Tax software for accounting & bookkeeping firms and retail chains.


Georgia Sales & Use Tax return software for individual retail businesses, dealers, and contractors with only one Sales Tax Number (STN).

Are you getting our emails?

Some of you may have your email security set such that you don’t receive emails from the domain. Please check with your internet and/or email system providers to be certain that you can receive emails from any address that uses the “” suffix – we will never “spam”! We communicate only essential information to […]

Welcome to the new!

As I’ve been promising for a while now, we are proud to introduce our new website!

It’s not perfect and it will never be “finished” but, we think you’ll find it a better resource for news, announcements, tips, and other information you can use. There are many other new features we plan to add […]

Updates vs. New Installations

We get quite a few tech support calls relating to our users getting new computers and moving the software to the new PCs. We frequently encounter the issue of attempting to run an S-Tax Update on a new computer that has not had the S-Tax software installed – that simply will not work as the […]